Cherry Blossom by Vera Neumann

Sometimes a little research really pays off.  I know very little about Vera Neumann, but I am familiar with her signature, some of the people I follow on Instagram have posted some of her items.  I have been jonesin’ to score some good vintage finds, but the junkin’ Gods have not been on my side lately.  I think things are turning around for me though!  I was at an estate sale in Huntington Harbor, not a great sale, but I was able to pick up a few of the blue Ball jars, and a Vera scarf.  When I got home I noticed that her logo was a bit different on this scarf, and I was very happy to discover that the scarf I picked up was a rare one.  In 1974, for her 30 year anniversary, Vera produced a line of 8 scarf designs in The Peoples Republic of China.  The scarf that I was going to list for $12, actually sells online around $120 plus.  Woohoo, thank God for Google!!


Vera Peoples Republic of China logo





now available in my shop

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