I have an excuse why I haven’t started building characters, and outlining the book I plan to write. No sharpie markers of course. Well, no more excuses; last night we stopped by Rite-Aid, after our run, and bought a big jumbo pack of rainbow Sharpies. Today I will start. I may even have to include the cross dressing bird lady we saw roaming the isles of Rite-Aid (no joke, I think she was carrying a chicken). Maybe after the first few characters and ideas are actually on paper, it will all come bubbling out. I hope so!

First steps, for anything, are always the hardest. I always think of my mantra “lean in to discomfort”, it gets me through good and bad. If it’s not my mantra, I’m repeating, “how would Marilyn handle this?”, or since meeting Jerry I use his name in there too. Fill in the name with the person in your life that can bulldoze through the crap. 

No more excuses!

   No more excuses!

5 thoughts on “Today

    • Atomic Hostess says:

      Thanks for stopping by! It was great to see her in Rite Aid….at one point the chicken bird got away from her and was wondering around the next aisle. I don’t live in a rural location either. I’ll be stopping by to see your blog. Have a great day!!


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