Born To Run Ultra Marathon 2014

A couple weeks have passed since the Born To Run Ultra weekend, and since I’ve posted anything to the blog. We had quite a few friends out there this year, in all capacities of the event. How do I attempt to explain Born to Run to you? Well I’ll try, but I know I cannot relay the camaraderie, excitement, and craziness, in a way that will do it justice. BTR is a weekend spent camping on a cattle ranch in Los Olivos California with 500 of your (soon to be) closest friends. Festivities start officially on Friday.

First up is the Tarahumara ball run, and this year there were actually a few Tarahumara on site for the weekend events. We arrived at the ranch just before the ball race, we rushed to get our tent and camp set up, I did not want to miss my favorite event; the beer miler. Since my beer drinking skills have diminished greatly over the past couple years, this is not something I dare attempt!! Each runner gathers up at the start line with their four beers; only a few are bold enough to go with the craft beer selection for this event (bold – stupid, tomato – tamato).  The gun goes off, and they are chugging down beer one as fast as possible. At each quarter mile mark the next, and the next, and the next beer are drunk as quickly as possible. Right around beer three, some run with a green look of pain, others with zig zaggy delight. I’m convinced the winner, is not human! Not ONLY did he drink four beers, but he also ran a mile with a smile and foam sloshing around in his stomach. He did it in 6 minutes and 29 seconds. I can’t drink four beers, or run a mile in double that time. A-Maz-InG!! The night continues with a giant bonfire, and live music. This year the band was Metalachi – a cross between 80’s metal with a mariachi twist. It took this 80’s rocker chick a little longer than normal, but I could still name that tune.

That Friday night I slept comfortably in Jerry’s warm sleeping bag, and my Aero Bed mattress, while my love slept in my sub-par sleeping bag, and fully deflated Aero Bed. Saturday morning at 4:30 a.m. we are not awoken with our familiar alarm tone, or a bugle playing reveille, oh NO….we awoke to four rounds of shotgun fire, and race director Luis saying “Get your asses up!” over the loud speaker. Followed with, Ugh, the Honey Hut bathroom line.

It was time! Jerry was out to run his second 50k, Marieanne was celebrating her 50th Birthday with her first 50k, and several more of us running the 10 miler and a little more to run people in, and / or cheer them on. I ended up walking with Marieanne, and did about 14 miles, she then had other friends joining up with her. She rocked it and did amazing! At each race event there are so many inspirational stories; the guy that had a hip replacement and navigating the course with cane in hand and a very quick pace (inside joke between Jerry and I….every race I am passed up by someone with a cane, and this ultra was no exception), the girl that just lost 100+ pounds and running her first ultra. Thank gawd I wasn’t PMSing, or I would’ve had a Hallmark Commercial tear fest. As I was finishing my laps, and getting back to camp, I heard that Jerry was hurt and back at our camp site. Uh oh! Jerry was on his second loop, on pace to finish around 6 hours, and then it happened….right around mile 18 he heard a loud pop in his leg. He walked until his leg numbed up, then jogged the remaining two miles back to camp. As soon as I got back, I broke down camp, and we headed home. Since Born To Run he’s had several Dr. appointments, a MRI, and today we received the results; stress fracture on his right tibia with a minimum of five more weeks with the boot and crutches.

Over the weekend, registration for the 2015 Born to Run event opened. All the voices in my head had a heated debated whether I could and should sign up for my very first ultra. I shut them all up and registered for the 30 miler (formerly the 50k). How could I resist? After all, it will be Jerry’s redemption tour.

Arrived at the ranch around 1:30 Friday....not too many people yet

Arrived at the ranch around 1:30 Friday….not too many people yet

The madness begins with the Beer Mile

The madness begins with the Beer Mile

3 beer mile

4 beer mile

The beer mile winner! Four beers and one mile in 6 minutes 29 seconds

The beer mile winner! Four beers and one mile in 6 minutes 29 seconds

6 beer mile participants

7 beer mile participants

Race day oath that basically states if you get lost or injured, it's your own damn fault!

Race day oath that basically states if you get lost or injured, it’s your own damn fault!

The start

The start

Beautiful morning and course

Beautiful morning and course

12 BTR Course

13 BTR Course

16 BTR Course

17 BTR Course

Training has officially started!




























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