The Great Wall of Vintage China Dinnerware

It was only supposed to be a quick trip to the grocery store. All we needed was an avocado!

We pulled into the parking lot and there it was….the new Goodwill staring us down. Jerry suggested we go in, I said no, “we’re moving soon, what we buy we have to pack and move”. I know better; if I go in, there is no getting out of there empty handed. After two seconds I caved…

I’ve said it in previous posts, Jerry and I have two different shopping methods. He quickly goes down every aisle scanning, and filling our basket. I slowly go down the aisles, making sure no dish is left behind. I was slowly looking when Jerry came around the corner with the biggest smile; he knew how excited I would be. I turned the corner to face the china wall. Technically not the Great Wall of China, but in my mind it was!!

My version of the Great Wall of China!

My version of the Great Wall of China!

My weakness - vintage china dinnerware

My weakness – vintage china dinnerware

We walked out with a set of vintage Sebring – Spearpoint Gold china from 1925, five serving platters, and a McCoy planter. AND all we needed was an avocado.

I am (happily) drowning in vintage china, dinnerware, serving pieces, platters, center pieces, oh my! If you are in the Orange County area, and have a small(ish) event coming up: baby shower, bridal shower, dinner party, etc. contact me for rental opportunities.

7 thoughts on “The Great Wall of Vintage China Dinnerware

  1. Rita Powell says:

    I was browsing trying to find Bella Rosa or Moss Rose pattern prices. Found a 93 piece set at an Estate Sale today. This post got my attention with Great Wall of China OMG just about went into shock!! Our Goodwill Stores here do not have such. Love china & it’s a terrible affliction! !!


    • Atomic Hostess says:

      Yes, I feel your pain (actually it’s my husband that feels your pain). I love china too and have entirely too many sets. I try to get to that store on a somewhat regular basis, they continue to have so many great sets! Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out the article on removing stains from china if you have any. I linked Vintage Southern Table who posted it originally….it works miracles! xxoo


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