AH Crafty Challenge – Hang Tags on Silhouette Cameo

Atomic Hostess Crafty Challenge - Thank You Hang Tags

Atomic Hostess Crafty Challenge – Thank You Hang Tags

For Christmas one of my presents was the Silhouette Cameo, and a vinyl starter kit. It has all been sitting, collecting dust since December. Yes, eight months. I opened it up right away, I downloaded the software, opened the program, and was then completely overwhelmed. So there it has sat….on my end table….staring me down….for eight months. BUT let me just clarify, this is normal for me. Jerry jokes that I don’t use something until I’ve had it about a year, unless it’s Louis Vuitton. The camera I have now, Nikon D3100, which I cannot imagine life without, it sat for over a year before I picked it up and started using it. Ha…you think maybe I don’t like change.

Because I have to travel for work this week, I wanted to pick out a smaller project for my AH Crafty Challenge. I’m not sure why I was thinking that a project involving the Silhouette Cameo would be a small, or quick project. Not when I haven’t used it before!

So, what is this “simple” project that I want to accomplish this week? When something in my etsy shop sells I would like to attach a hang tag that says Thank You. I envision the hang tag to have a little pocket that will hold my mini Moo business card & discount coupon code. I imagine different variations, maybe some out of watercolor paper I have painted a bit, or brown kraft paper tag with some Washi tape, or a quick pencil sketch.  Simple? Not when you don’t know how to use the cutter. I’m confident that Bloggers, Pinterest, and YouTube will come to my rescue.

Come back Friday to see how it goes….Cheers!

Link to this AH Crafty Challenge Reveal

It's time to figure out how to use my Silhouette Cameo!

It’s time to figure out how to use my Silhouette Cameo!


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