A Husband’s Perspective – Comic Relief

I love my husband and his crazy sense of humor! Below is my first guest blog post, penned by my love. He didn’t know that his silly Facebook post was destined to be a guest post. Since I started my AH Crafty Challenge approximately 16 weeks ago, he (and Shay when she’s down from UCLA) has always jumped in to help out in any way he can. Now, I don’t think I could get sh*t done without him (them)!

“Mixed emotions are this weeks challenge (well, at least for me:).   Kris is one of the hardest working “work from home” employees I’ve ever met in my life, seriously!  I don’t know about you but I could finish the entire internet if I worked from home everyday.  Kris Craig has adhered to a structured schedule while often having to work late in to the evening to accomplish everything that needed to get completed for the day. Yet, like the sands from an hour glass, the pink glitter filled clouds which formed out of nowhere, comes the Atomic Hostess. Donned in her magical cape and wearing her fabulous shabby chic “tiara”, which is normally located in the glove box of her 72 Ford pickup, and accompanied by her two trusty side kicks; head of security, General Winston Churchill of her Majesties Army, and the ever sleek and always in fashion Ninja assassin Mia-me, the AH still finds time to start, complete and post her challenge!”

“I was actually happy to see her tone it down a little bit for this weeks challenge, or was I ??!?!  You see not only is she working her butt off towards her new promotion at the second best company in Boston (Go Sox!), but she thrives under pressure (ok who else just started singing that song “Under Pressure” in their head, you’re welcome?) and REALLY enjoys her projects and the interactions with her blog followers… Maybe I was the one who wanted an easy project for this week or maybe my endless ramblings-on has given you the impression that I’m actually locked outside because the AH has finally tired of my “questions”.  Either way, enjoy the pretty photos and the song that I placed so gingerly in your head today.”

Yes, I am now playing Pressure on Spotify! xxoo

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