Office Makeover Still In Progress

I hate when I have to give excuses why something isn’t done, so I’m going to skip the excuse. My office makeover just is not finished, period.

This project much bigger than I anticipated, and I want it right, so I’m not going to fake it, or do a half arsed job! So, over the next couple days I am going to whip it all in shape and give you the final reveal on Monday.

We did make some good progress:

  • The walls are painted
  • Facebook and Instagram friends helped me select which vintage lamp shade to hang
  • We bought file storage boxes, which I’m going to cover with wrapping paper, fabric, and just go total mixed media
  • Picked up some goodies from the Container Store….I could spend hours in that store
  • And finally Jerry started making me a bookcase / shelves

There’s still a few other things on the agenda, but you get the point. So, have a fabulous Friday, a happy weekend. I’ll see you all Monday….Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Office Makeover Still In Progress

  1. Emmy says:

    I know what you mean. I really wanted to get my done quickly but you need to do it right. I’ve finally finished painting and posted about it. Just got to put it back together and do the final touches….can’t wait!!


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