“Ladies of Lunching” – The Estate Sale Theme For The Weekend

Last weekend Jerry was on his way home, and made a quick turn into the neighborhood next to ours. He followed a series of neon pink signs, leading him to an estate sale….he was looking for “tools”, which he did find. After I received his call, Shay and I jumped in the Jeep and drove over. I am glad we did! The Lady of the House was amazing at sewing, and embroidery. I must have spent at least 30 minutes searching through all of the linens, enough time for Jerry & Shay to leave, go to Starbucks, and return to find me in the same spot.

I dub this estate sale theme “Ladies of Lunching“. I could easily imagine a group of women, beautifully coiffed, gossiping around a card table, each with a freshly mixed cocktail, and their own personal decorative ashtray featuring Lilacs and beautiful gold detailing.

Fabulous doesn't mean perfect - "Ladies of Lunching" estate sale

Fabulous doesn’t mean perfect – “Ladies of Lunching” estate sale

I’ll be posting pictures of the gorgeous linens very soon! Be sure to watch the Atomic Hostess Etsy Shop for the “Ladies of Lunching” items to be listed for sale.

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