The Golden Rule of Vintage & Antiques

Is The Golden Rule of Vintage an unspoken rule? Is it just ingrained when you grow up in a family that loves and appreciate antiques? After I moved out on my own, my Mom and Dad “gave” me an old iron bed frame. I think I can still hear my Sweet Mama’s words in my ears, “if you don’t want it anymore, it comes back to me, you understand?”. You know, in that Mom tone that makes to pay attention. That iron bed is still with me 25 years later; Mama….you’re not getting it back.

Jerry and I have been working on several projects for Shay’s new apartment and I think The Golden Rule is something I’ll have to share with her. I would be heart broken to see a piece that we hunted for, bartered, and restyled to end up in an alley. Although, I am that person in the alley waiting to scoop up your treasures (teehee).

So here it is – The person that “gives” you a cherished antique from their prized vintage collection, or they found and put hours of work into, said person gets the “First Right of Refusal”. I know I have pieces out there now waiting to come back to me someday. A 12 section Victorian black steam radiator, which I could no longer haul around. The thing must weigh at least 300 lbs, and is on permanent loan to my friend Scooby Sue.

Oh, and there are those pieces that just went away, to strangers, jumping up and down for joy because you were at your wits end and at that particular moment mastering the art of stupidity (only on getting rid of stuff; the moving part, well that wasn’t stupid at all). Those piece you remember fondly and wish you would never ever ever had parted with; a bucket full of glass door knobs my Dad gave to me….I kick myself forever for that one!

My final word of advise….if you are a single girl, going through lots of changes, and moves, start packing early and keep yourself surrounded by those pieces you love.

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