Quirkiest Thrift Store Sighting of The Week

This was the quirkiest thrift store sighting of the week. And we all know it’s not always the merchandise!

I posted this on Instagram, and several people told me I should have brought him home with me. Okay, now I can’t stop thinking about the damn bird. So,out of “curiosity” I think we’ll swing by and see if he’s still there. 

Seagull lamp. I'm "curious" if it's still there.

Seagull lamp. I’m “curious” if it’s still there.

Share your craziest thrift store sightings here, or on my Atomic Hostess Facebook page.

7 thoughts on “Quirkiest Thrift Store Sighting of The Week

  1. confessionsofawhirlwindmind says:

    I totally agree – I once spotted the most outrageous double owl super kitschy retro lamp at a thrift store. It was priced at $12 which I thought was outrageously expensive, so I just snapped a pic and showed it to a friend later – who said OMG you totally should’ve bought it. Needless to say, it was gone when I went back 😦


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