MCM Dining Room Chairs

We bought these mid century dining room chairs MONTHS ago. They sat for a few weeks before I started priming, I got a total of one done, then they sat some more. I wasn’t very inspired at the thought of painting them white, and I finally found my inspiration on Pinterest….black chalk paint! I like the look of the black chalk paint over wood, with a little bit of the stained wood peeping through. Okay, I didn’t leave any wood peeping through, but I love the color. I whipped out three of the four chairs, until the temperatures got silly hot. I’m sure you’ve heard some of us in California whining about the heat and humidity; these are the days when I miss the Washington rain! Wish us luck, this week is supposed to be cooler.

MCM Dining Room Chairs

MCM Dining Room Chairs

MCM Dining Room Chairs

MCM Dining Room Chairs

This morning I came across these dining room chairs  on Anthropologie’s site, and now I’m on the hunt for some similar fabric to cover the chair seats.

I’m excited to get moving on this project again… soon as I find that fabric!

xxoo Kris


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