how to remove stains from vintage china


post updated 12-04-16

I found gorgeous set of Homer Laughlin Virginia Rose china. It’s beautiful, but the staining on some of the pieces detracts from how pretty it is. I saw a post by A Southern Vintage Table, and I owe her a huge thank you! She has some great cleaning tips, and a post specifically about removing stains from china. See her post linked above for a in depth recap.

Super Quick How To…

  1. I used over the counter hydrogen peroxide (3%)
  2. In a large plastic container, I layered the stained dishware and poured the peroxide on. Layer the bowls and plates for fluid displacement full coverage.
  3. I saw a little bit of results after 24 hours; I left soaking for 2 days. An 8% hydrogen peroxide may have reduced this timeline.
  4. After your stained china has soaked, put your pieces on a cookie sheet and into a oven set at no more than 200*. Set your timer for 40 to 60 minutes.
  5. After your timer goes off, you will see that the heat pulled the gunk out. It worked!
  6. Probably best to wait until your dishware cools before you wash the gunk away. If your anxious, be sure that the water temperature is not extreme and matches the china temp.

The cups seemed to have the worst stains, most likely tea or coffee, and you can see the fantastic results below.simple instructions for removing stains from china. See before and after and quick and easy instructions.

I have used this trick many times since posting the original blog. I’ve even started using a peroxide, baking soda, and blue Dawn dish soap to soak dingy white laundry in.

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