the hiding atomic gravy boat

Last Wednesday night I received an online order from the AH Etsy site. The sale was for this amazing atomic style gravy boat with a chafing candle to keep gravy, or any sauce warm.

Recently, I’ve been taking on WAY more than I can chew. I’ve had the Etsy store for 4 – 5 years now, and it runs very smooth. This past summer I added a new vintage market called Driving Miz Daisy, which has forced me to meet some of the nicest women (remember I work from home, and I enjoy my solitude almost too much). Two of those nice women, Jerry and I met, are Rhonda & Judy. Judy, just so happens to own an antique store just down the street from the Driving Miz Daisy event. So, next thing I know, I started selling in store at the end of July.

Selling in store has been a challenge for me, specifically the merchandising. Doesn’t it look easy squeezey? OMG, it’s not! I think now, after four months of working at it and watching what other dealers do, I am starting to get the hang of it. I applaud all of you out there that have that merchandising talent gene. There’s also the challenge of keeping track of my inventory, where it’s at, make sure I don’t sell it twice.

Back to the gravy boat. I received an email from the buyer telling me how excited she / he was to receive the gravy boat, and wanted to make to receive prior to Thanksgiving. Well, of course you will. Then, for the next day and a half I could NOT find that d@mn gravy boat AnYwHeRe. Did I sell it at Driving Miz Daisy and forget? Nope, I write everything down. Did I take it into Landmark Antiques to sell? It was not a piece that matches my venue at Landmark. Where, oh, where?

Time was running out, it was now Friday night and we were planning to leave on a road trip; meaning I had to have the gravy boat in the mail by Saturday a.m.

Atomic Style Gravy or Sauce Chafing Dish

Atomic Style Gravy or Sauce Chafing Dish

I went to Landmark, nope, no gravy boat in sight. I took advantage of my time at the store, and I was able to add a few new pieces, and do a little “merchandising”. I’m really excited about the way it’s starting to become just a tiny bit (TINY) easier for me.

Space 29_AtomicHostess Ladder Display. Jerry cut out some shelves, I stained, and the ladder makes a nice display piece.

Space 29_AtomicHostess Ladder Display. Jerry cut out some shelves, I stained, and the ladder makes a nice display piece.

Space 29_AtomicHostess

Space 29_AtomicHostess

I finally got home from the store Friday night, after 7pm. My hero Jerry, he found the gravy boat in our vintage trailer. It was in the very last box, under the stack of vintage market folding tables. Hallelujah! I was so dreading contacting the customer to tell them I “lost” the gravy boat they were so excited to receive; instead I got to tell them a “funny” story! I love happy endings! xxoo

I have some exciting news to tell you about next week!

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