something for everything – cocktail pick holder

I cannot let January slip by without getting a blog in. The holidays were very good to us; I hope you had a Merry Christmas & we wish you Happy New Year!

Every year I try to start Christmas shopping early, and almost every year I do okay until time starts to slip by. A couple months prior to Christmas we were doing a usual pass through one of our favorite local thrift stores. I saw a metal shaped Flamingo with tiny little holes in his back. As a child in the 80’s, I thought it was an earring holder….you know the ones I’m talking about! The earring holders were in the shape of animals and painted in bright colors. I thought it would make a cute small gift for my niece; I put it in the cart. I went down the next aisle, thinking about all of the items waiting to be listed or painted, had a mini anxiety attack, and took the Flamingo out of the cart and put it back on the shelf.

As we were checking out, I saw the Flamingo pass by and into our shopping bag. Jerry is sneaky that way. He saw me put it back, so he picked it up and hid it in the cart. I accepted the Flamingo with open arms and made plans to give her a quick spray of pink paint before wrapping it and sending her off in the WA bound Christmas box. Time got short, the Flamingo didn’t get sprayed and still sits on my desk.

My story really does have a point….I’m close. So, last night as I’m scrolling through vintage cocktail shakers, I see the Flamingo with pokey holes in its back. It’s not an earring holder after all. It’s a cocktail pick holder! It was used when serving hor d’oeuvres.

Something For Everything; Napier Cocktail Pick Holder

Something For Everything; Napier Cocktail Pick Holder

Either I pay too much attention to vintage barware & kitchenware, and I have no idea what “modern” gadgets people buy, or they just had something for everything.

xxoo Kris


7 thoughts on “something for everything – cocktail pick holder

  1. The Thrift Store Collector says:

    That tooth pick holder is awesome! I hate those panic attacks when you talk yourself out of an item and end up putting it back on the shelf. I do the same thing all the time. Usually when I get home, I can’t stop thinking about it! I’m going to start going with my gut and just buying it. After all I picked it up for a reason. Great article! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Atomic Hostess says:

      I’m glad to hear it’s not just me that puts things back on the shelf. I will work on it too! And the hilarious part is, the price is usually so inexpensive it doesn’t even put a dent in change that is rattling around on the floor of the car. Thank you!!


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