emerge plucky: first steps to make your space feel like home

Warning, this blog post may a little bit more serious than normal. It’s my theory that we all live several lives within our lifetime; at least 4. As our situations change, we adapt and reinvent ourselves, and surroundings. The reinventing of self (mind) is not my expertise, but reinventing a home,  I’m not too bad at after lots of moves and much practice.

I grew up in the Seattle WA area, living in  the same house, going to the same schools, with the same wonderful friends from pre-K to High School graduation. Lots of stability, which is great for someone with anxiety and a distaste for change. In 2001 I moved to Southern CA, away from my family, my friends. My world was tossed around like those Bingo balls in a wire cage. Before the big move to California, my now ex husband and I got rid of nearly everything we owned; we wouldn’t have room if we were going to live like minimalists, on an adventure. Ha! I kept repeating to myself, “it’s just stuff, it’s just stuff”.

Flash forward to a divorce after a few years in California, and more moves than I can count in a 15 year time span. I have had practice at “rebuilding”, and I want to share what I’ve learned. How to create a new home that YOU love. What better way to share than a new blog category.

I do have to share another reason for my inspiration. I started sharing pictures of my projects with one of my favorite retail associates at the Salvation Army. I was so excited when Jerry had stopped in and said she was bummed I wasn’t with him; she was inspired to refinish a piece of furniture, and wanted to share it with me. We went back in the next day and I searched her out so I could hear about what she restyled. It was such a great feeling that I could actually inspire someone to try something new and create for the first time. Gives me a lump in my throat.

So, what will I cover in this blog category? In a nutshell, ideas to help you create your new home. I will share things I’ve learned on finding good sturdy furniture pieces to revive, how to repair, steps to paint your “new” vintage furniture, and creative storage for small space living. It won’t be all furniture, we’ll also cover all those other essentials you need in your home.  I will refrain from using  words like “budget”, or “cheap”, to me that doesn’t sound like home. I will share how to create your home, AND keep your cash for that trip to Italy you’ve always wanted to go on.

Emerge Plucky - To materialize showing determined courage in the face of difficulties!

Emerge Plucky – To materialize showing determined courage in the face of difficulties!

Yep, I finally have my fairy tale ending; I met my Prince Charming. I am happy to report that four years ago I met one of the very few Gentlemen that actually exists out there (he’s handsome too!). I’m still getting used to someone opening all my doors, and treating me like a priority. The moving has ceased, and together we have been working to create our home for our crew, Shay, and our heard of fur babies.

Atomic Hostess


5 thoughts on “emerge plucky: first steps to make your space feel like home

  1. thewoodspa says:

    I love your story and its well deserved happy ending. I also moved a lot during the last 20 years. Now I finally have a “permanent” home, and I’m still unable to make it any close to my dream home. Not for lack of inspiration, just procrastination. 🙂
    xx Patricia.

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  2. opshopgoodness says:

    Hi- I found this really interesting- I had never thought about having lives within our lives- but totally agree. I am just at the beginning of a new life (my husband died two years ago) and I am finding that solace can be found in having a beautiful home. I love rearranging and improving my home on a budget – and op shopping (thrifting) is the way to achieve this for me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and looking in on my fledgling blog.

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    • Atomic Hostess says:

      I’m so very sorry for your loss! I’m glad you are able to find some solace. I wish I had some great words for you, but I am sending you an internet hug. May your cozy home and awesome thrifting / op shop finds give you a warm smile. Hugs! Kris


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