create your space – where do I start?

Emerge Plucky, yes, it is definitely a quirky title for a blog category, but oh so appropriate. Cycling through my different lives within my life, my personal headline has been “Lean Into Discomfort”. My headline has gotten me through years of random crap; it even helps on those great days when I need to encourage myself to step outside my comfort zone. “Emerge Plucky” is the perfect addendum to my personal headline. It means to materialize showing determined courage in the face of difficulties. Something we all do.

So, after I put on my act of courage, and lean into discomfort, I need to go to the space where I can just be me.

I’m very much looking forward to unfolding the different steps of my new blog category – Emerge Plucky: Create Your Space.

I think I’ve always had the theory of making the space I live in “home”. The ideas are all floating around in my head, sparkly and distracting. Like one of my favorite sayings….I was out to conquer the world until I saw something shiny.

I have never compiled my ideas all into one document, or better yet, a series of steps on my blog. This is exciting.

Where to start when creating your own space. Atomic Hostess - emerge plucky.

Where to start when creating your own space. Atomic Hostess – emerge plucky.

The big question is, where to start?

Regardless of your start over situation, or just a general need for change, a great place to get started is to get organized. I suppose it’s like organizing your closet, but on a bigger scale.

Keep – there are those pieces that you keep out of necessity, like your mattress. No one wants to sleep on the floor. Keep it for now and then replace it later with that upgraded memory foam mattress you’ve been dreaming of. There are also those must keep pieces that are sentimental. Don’t throw those out, or you WILL be sorry. I have a list of items, that somehow went away. I think of them often and miss them still; like the roadside emergency kit my Dad put together for my car one year as a Christmas gift. Why was this gift sentimental? Because it was my Dad through and through; my emergency roadside kit included a beer. The thought of it still makes me smile, and the fact that I no longer have it, makes me sad. Be careful. When you’re tired, you tend to get rid of things you really shouldn’t or wouldn’t under normal circumstances.

Rehab – wander throughout your home with a pen and paper to make notes. That ugly oak dresser, would it be so hideous if it was painted and you added new hardware? You may have several pieces of furniture that would be gorgeous with a little rehabilitation. A few examples – do you have that ugly bathroom mirror that is attached to the wall with yellowing plastic attaching thingies? Build out a frame for it, paint it up, or stain it. The mirror is not so ugly anymore. I’ll have more tips like this later, but if you think of it, or see it on Pinterest, it’s not off limits! Write it all down, or even use sticky notes with ideas and post them up around your home.

Sell or Donate – grab two giant boxes. One box to send off to your local assistance league, or Salvation Army for donating. Don’t forget your receipt for the tax deduction. The second box, fill it up with items for a garage sale. There are a few sites you can advertise your garage sale on: Craig’s List of course, Facebook groups, or Other ideas, put signs out on a busy street near you, or just maybe the timing is right and your neighborhood is about to host an annual neighborhood sale. If it works out right and you participate in neighborhood sale, the rule is don’t go outside the boundaries of your own garage sale. Yep, you know exactly why. Inevitably you will end up buying more than you sell. It isn’t just me that this happens to, right? Every.dang.time!

So, as long as you don’t go shopping during the neighborhood garage sale, the idea is that you will be able to buy some of the tools you’ll need for the furniture rehab, or other projects we’ll cover while you “Emerge Plucky & Create Your Space”.

Happy organizing! xxoo Kris


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