ideas for selecting a color palette for your home


The first post  for Create Your Space, was all about getting organized or at least starting the process of thinking about getting organized, which is a lot of work! I have my never ending list of furniture to re-do, and we always have at least one donation box that we  randomly toss things in, now if we could just remember to put the dang box in our car…..we always hit our thrifting circuit when we’re out and about, an inevitably forget the donation box.

I’m a list maker. I love cute notebooks, I seem to have a notebook for every subject and random thought. And of course now I have a cute notebook dedicated to creating our space. For those of you that love lists, check out Evernote app for your phone; it even lets you have check off boxes that you can tick off when complete. It’s almost as fun as highlighting. Haha….my inner nerd is coming out.

Even though this is a process I’ve been through before, many times before, I’m actually looking forward to walking through it again. We’ve been in our (rental) house for about a year and a half. We have some rooms that definitely feel like home, and others with stark walls, no pictures, and extremely limited on personality.

Are you participating along with me? Did you get a small start on organizing, or did you select one or two furniture pieces from around your home that need rehab? Sometimes the whole subject of “Organizing” is overwhelming in itself. If you’re like me, it takes longer to get ready to organize, than it actually takes to execute. I think my plan is to focus two adjoining rooms to walk through the create your space series: the family room, and our kitchen / dining room.


 Your Space: Color Palette

Your Space: Color Palette

The organizing will go on fOrEVeR! Maybe we’ll have to break it into small bits within each post, but I’ll get back to the fun subject at hand: color. This is something I can emerge myself into with a smile. It’s like laying on the beach in front of the Pink Hotel, with the smell of coconut sunscreen slathered on your warm skin, and a giant Mai Tai spilling out your straw. Focus…..I need a vacation!

About 11 years ago, I was phasing into another one of of my new life within my life. The tiny condo space I called home, was now all mine (or just it was mine until the housing bubble burst). As I looked around my very nondescript space with white walls, I decided that I needed color. Lots and lots of MY favorite colors: Pink, Yellow, Jadite Green. It was very exciting to think about the colors, and let the ideas flow. I no longer had to worry about what someone else would think about having floral sheets, pink walls, or a fluffy pink area rugs.

My husband Jerry, of 3 years doesn’t mind my love of the color pink, and even encourages it; he’s one in a million.

How to find your color inspiration – hopefully you already know what you love, but sometimes it’s just being  brave and going forward with it. If you’re worried about outside influence, don’t even tell your friends what your plans are. You’re creating your space, don’t let them redirect your dream nest!

Places to find your color palette:

  • Of course Pinterest has a million options for color palettes to select from.
  • Another good source of color is the fabric store.They even arrange them all by color, and colors that coordinate.
  • I might say the paint department at your favorite department store, but after bringing home every pamphlet of color palettes, there was only one that I found inspiration in. I think you need your ideas prior to hitting the paint department.
  • There are a million great design bloggers that can lead you toward the land of beautiful spaces.
  • My last suggestion is the online site One King’s Lane, which has a style and color palette for every taste and genre of home decor.
Color Palette: apparently I like bird fabrics lately. Color Palette of Blues, Greens, Pinky Corals. This was the only pamphlet in the paint department that showed a selection of colors I like.

Color Palette: apparently I like bird fabrics lately. Color Palette of Blues, Greens, Pinky Corals. This was the only pamphlet in the paint department that showed a selection of colors I like. Valspar

Where do you want your color?

  • Walls
  • Repainted furniture
  • Throw pillows
  • New draperies
  • Wall art
  • Vintage collections
  • Oh so many ideas….


For coloring my space, I started at the fabric store. I had already decided to go with some blues, green, and some coral pinks. My plan doesn’t involve too much paint. I may paint a little in the family room; most likely one focal wall in a neutral color, and in the kitchen dining room I’ll paint the pantry that divides the “official” living room that hosts our pool table. I may restyle a couple furniture pieces that are in our family room. BUT my big changes will be through the sewing projects I have planned, and even started.

  • Roman Shades
  • Throw Pillows
  • I’m going to attempt to sew a sofa slip cover out of canvas drop clothes from Harbor Freight & Tools
  • Sew a new pillow cover for our rattan chair

Later I promise to share my before and after pictures. I guess I’m a bit embarrassed right now by my eclectic bohemian crazy decor I have going right now. I just haven’t taken the time to pull things together. I think we become conditioned with each move we make to a new home – leave it in the boxes because it won’t be long. I’m done with that idea! Now I’m going to get moving in the right direction again, starting off with organizing & color!

Just a side note – I LOVE to shop at thrift stores. We don’t have to, but we love it. Some of my favorite people work at the thrift stores we frequent… know who you are! You can Create Your Space on the smallest of small budgets, or you can go big and buy it all from One King’s Lane. It’s all up to you!

Color Palette: Color Palette of Blues, Greens, Pinky Corals.

Color Palette: Color Palette of Blues, Greens, Pinky Corals.

I did get started with Roman Shades – rentals always have the most hideous blinds!

I did get started with some Roman Shades last week. More to be posted soon.

I did get started with some Roman Shades last week. More to be posted soon.

Share with me if you’re going to walk through this process with me. I would love the company, support, and to hear all of your wonderful ideas!

xxoo Kris

12 thoughts on “ideas for selecting a color palette for your home

  1. A City Girl says:

    Great post. I find the store displays too overwhelming and my projects never have the feel I saw in the photo so I have painted over and over lol. I think they do that intentionally lol. Valspar had good color consultants also. If you have a color and don’t know what to match it with they will email you great color commons with the colors in action!! They have helped me quite a bit. I just painted my walls and I am using the color of the year… Simply white… and I love it. I do use color everywhere else though. I used a print i have on the wall and pulled colors from it into my room and it worked out great. I love that shade you have (last photo) and looking forward to seeing how you use the colors!! Again great post


      • A City Girl says:

        Yes I emailed them very frustrated with not being able to figure out how to match colors to get a palette together and I was assigned a “personal color consultant”. I felt special LOL. anyway I found they all do the same thing but Valspar seems to have the best service in that area…they gaave me the best ideas in colors….and like I said it is free.. You have a great day also!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m excited to see what you create and it is really has me thinking of the possibilities in my space. I will have to start small with pops of color on pillows and accessories. The roman shade is perfect! you make it look so effortless.


  3. Rowe Spurling Paint Company says:

    There are thousands of paint colours at the paint store so you’re right about having colour inspiration before you go or the selection can be overwhelming. Bring fabric swatches, a favourite piece of art or even a favourite shirt with you to narrow down the choices. Good luck and have fun designing your space!


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