my pink tool box check list

My Dad was my “Do It Yourself” icon, okay and Martha Stewart was a distant second place. After all, Martha didn’t come over and help me with all those projects at my very first house ever (that was an exciting thing at 22). After moving away from home, all holiday and birthday gifts from my Dad were for my tool box. I liked them, but I don’t think I appreciated them like I do now. I realize now, and love that he was empowering me to do it on my own.

Of course none of the power tools fit in here, but you get the general idea. Every girl / woman should have their own tool box!

Of course none of the power tools fit in here, but you get the general idea. Every girl / woman should have their own tool box!

My pink tool box is for repairing, painting furniture, and other miscellaneous fix it project.

My own opinion on a few items in my toolbox.

  • Palm Sander – before you buy one, make sure that it’s light. Sometimes after sanding a couple pieces, I get tennis elbow, yes I feel very old typing that.
  • Drill – same with the above, do a little research and find the right weight drill for you, but don’t give up power for weight.
  • Paint Brushes – my new favorite paint brushes are inexpensive called “Shorties” that I pick up at Home Depot. Purdy brushes are very nice, and very nice when cutting into corners when painting walls, but I’m loving my Shorties right now.
  • Ball Jars – Don’t panic, I don’t use those beautiful old ball jars. I use the newer ball jars that I can pick up at the thrift store to mix up chalk paint, or custom colors.
  • Adhesive Spray – How did I live without you adhesive spray? This falls in the glue gun category… that I know about it, I cannot live without it.
  • Hand Sanitizer – This one is not necessarily for cleaning your hand, unless you’re coming out of the thrift store. I paint everywhere, and If you’re clumsy like me, you WILL spill paint on your carpet.  When you do, dab up as much paint as you can with paper towels, then cover it with hand sanitizer. Dab up the sanitizer, some of the paint will start to come up. After repeating this a few times, the paint should come right up. I’ve tested it out several times; it works on large and small paint spills.

Pink Tool Box Checklist

Emerge Plucky: Create Your Space - Tool Box Checklist

Who couldn’t use a Hula Girl and a Dinosaur rooting them on? Enjoy! xxoo Kris


4 thoughts on “my pink tool box check list

  1. A City Girl says:

    You also need a canvas painters drop cloth! It’s one of those things you didn’t know how much you will love it till you have it lol. It gives you freedom to paint anywhere in the house. Plus you can keep up with all the different colors you use. I love seeing all the different colors on my cloth.


    • Atomic Hostess says:

      Now that’s just being sensible haha. When I buy them, I use them up for making slip covers before I can get a chance to paint with them. I know I have some scraps here somewhere. AND my husband is such a quick painter, I go out for the blue tape, come back in the room 5 minutes later, and he’s done painting. Slightly exaggerated of course, but partially true. You could hang a piece of your drop cloth later; very Jackson Pollock – ish.

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  2. Terry says:

    I love your tool box! … and I think you are the first person I’ve heard of who keeps hand sanitizer in it! So cute! … now that I’ve said that, I hope I didn’t offend you 🙂 …Thank you so much for the tips for other uses of it … I am a known paint spiller … I should probably have some too! I hope you have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

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