who knew marble was hot and didn’t tell me?


she’s a little top heavy

I’ve been so busy looking at all the shiny copper that seems to be “trending” right now, I missed the fact that marble this and that has been popping up all over. My Stepdaughter Shay’s friend “L” shares my love of mid century and vintage. He’s young, so I asked him about 3 or 4 months ago “what’s the up and coming, and please tell me chevron patterns are out the door”. Are you all as tired of that dang chevron pattern as I am? Ugh. Soooo, L told me marble, and just like anything else, I start seeing it everywhere.

This piece didn’t need too many changes; cleaned her up, painted the base a blue with an antiqued gold. Distressed just a tiny bit so some of the blue comes through. I also experimented with dark wax paste.

Click link above to view listing

Dolly_Marble top accent table

Dolly_Marble Top Entryway Table

Dolly_Marble Top Side Table

Yahoo, two posts in two days! I’m on a roll, and hope to chat with you all soon. xxoo Kris

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