My Blue Sweater Day

I’m out of blogging practice! I’ve been mulling over all of the blog posts I plan to write, I have too many thoughts bouncing around, and now I’m overwhelmed. Baby steps, right?! First things first though, I have to share my big news…..I quit! I quit my job job. Such a huge and scary step for me (for anyone really).

A blogger friend of mine quit her job a couple years back and we dubbed it her “Blue Sweater Day“. The term isn’t going to make sense unless you read her post. Darya lays it all out in a way that I’m not great at, and a lot of us can relate in one way or another. I was misty eyed when I read her blog post two years ago, and I got misty eyed just now reading it again. So, I finally reached my limit and called it quits after 15 years (technically two months shy of 15 years). Let me tell you, I cannot remember the last time I felt so relaxed and free of knots in my shoulders and back where I hold my tension. I love that I am excited about what’s to come.

I’m very thankful. I finally had my Blue Sweater Day!

Define Blue Sweater Day

Define Blue Sweater Day

4 thoughts on “My Blue Sweater Day

  1. Darya says:

    I am so, so happy for you! Happy because, why not now and why not you! Right!
    Emerge plucky!
    And I am beyond overwhelmed by your words and the credit you give me–usually it is only blame, so that was super nice ; ) sincerely, you are going to do nothing but the most fantastic things and life will be nothing but a dream. Cheers! clink-clink
    xoxo Darya

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    • Atomic Hostess says:

      Exactly why you get partial credit….partial because it certainly wouldn’t be a consideration without Jerry’s constant encouragment. Yes, and why not now, and why not me! I forgot about that until I reread your blog the other day; it’s so perfect. Giant hugs to you Darya. No blame, only hugs!


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