furniture collection paint colors

I am loaded up with furniture just waiting to be cleaned up and listed, or painted up and listed. I have an eclectic style that we dubbed “Bohemian Crazy”. Just last week I witnessed a couple of Shay’s friends come into our house and pause to take it in. Yes, I know it’s all the vintage barware and kitchenware waiting to be listed in my shop. I also think it may be a bit more; the Marlin fish over the pool table, the seagull lamp on the bar cart, or our newest quest and collection of nudie Paint by Numbers. Did you know they were out there? The nudie Paint by Numbers, now that is a stand alone topic and post.

My favorite style of furniture are the Mid Century – Atomic pieces for the crazy kitschy design details, but I do like most styles of furniture. When I say most, “most” does not include Mission or Barrocos (Liberace) furniture. These two styles couldn’t be any further from each other on the spectrum, both are so extreme in appearance. Nope, just not for me.

Now that I’m full time Atomic Hostess  I have been working out a strategy to tackle the furniture mountain in our garage. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this sooner. My idea is nothing new or ground breaking, but it occurred to me to create “collections” of furniture. Within the furniture mountain you can see the different styles that can be categorized together. The rattan, wicker, bamboo furniture category aka Palm Springs Collection, a texture collection. There’s the kitschy mid century atomic category aka Rosie Jetson Collection. Then there is the Seaside Collection; to me this is less “nautical” and more about color hue and comfort. Finally, there are those pieces that are flexible enough to fall into multiple collections. Maybe this will be the Bohemian Crazy Collection!

Am I getting ahead of myself, or giving up too much information? Probably, but it has been fun categorizing and working through the colorways I’ll be using with each collection. A sneak peek of a couple of the colors for the Seaside Collection. Don’t pay attention to the paint overspray on our patio table, it comes off easily with a scrub with fine steel wool.

A couple colors selected for the Seaside Furniture Collection

A couple colors selected for the Seaside Furniture Collection

More to come. AND I have not forgot about the series of posts that I started “Emerge Plucky”. Now that I’m full time Atomic Hostess I will get back at it.

xxoo Kris


5 thoughts on “furniture collection paint colors

  1. Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet says:

    I am loving those colors! You are the perfect person to ask this, but I want to repaint and redo my dressers. They are really sturdy, dark wood and I want to brighten them up. I was thinking about chalk paint, but was wondering if there was an easier or better type?


    • Atomic Hostess says:

      Hi Alexis! Give it a once over lught sanding. Since the pieces are a dark stain, just be sure to use a primer before you paint. That dark stain slowly seeps through and you see splotch marks. They do have oil base spray primer, making it a tiny bit easier. You can just use any good interior latex paint (flat), doesnt have to be chalk type. Then finish it up with a top coat. Lately I’ve been using ‘dead flat’ polyurethane (super matte & no yellowing). Let me know if you have any questions and how your project goes!


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