are you sure about those? mid century atomic dining room chairs

When I first spotted the set of 4 dining room chairs, I could see the potential, I could also see Jerry’s confusion on how these dirty ugly chairs could possibly look good. He doesn’t say anything, does not express concerns over my vision, he just smiles and carries them off to the truck. Sometimes I start to second guess myself, but I had a great feeling about this rehab project.

It has taken me so long to complete these chairs, I cannot find the good “before” pictures. Below is a glimpse of the chairs; you can see the blue seat color, but the picture definitely doesn’t capture the grossness of the seats. The chair seats were covered with a blue velvet that had some sort of pattern embossed and 30 years of dirty piled on.

MCM Atomic Dining Chairs Before v2

Once we got them home, they sat for quite sometime before I started painting. Once the ugly seats were taken off, and the first coat of black paint was on, Jerry started to see the potential. The chairs sat for a few more months, I was re-inspired to tackle the chairs again after receiving my Anthropologie catalog; I made it to the fabric store with a specific look in mind, which ended up being a mistake. I was looking for a fabric that was a textured weave with wide black and white stripes. I settled on an Ikat pattern in black and white. Ikat has been a popular pattern for a few years. After we got home, I pulled the fabric out of the bag and realized that Ikat looks like naughty bits….yes, vagina. The fabric ended up in the donation box. I just couldn’t use the fabric when all I could see is ***** when I looked at it!

MCM Atomic Dining Chairs in Progress 2

Months and months later. I found the perfect fabric while I was up in Seattle visiting my Mom. I met up with my most wonderful friends, Mar & T. The 3 of us planned to check out a quilting store in Issaquah Washington called Gossypium Quilt, which just happened to be next door to a pub, which is where I found the perfect fabric for the four mid century modern atomic chairs that have been lingering around our house for well over a year now.

I ditched everything but the wood base of the chair seats. Because I used a non-upholstery fabric to recover the chairs, I used a canvas like fabric to cover the new dense memory foam combo first, then used the fabric I found at the quilt store. The canvas material provided a layer of “oomph” and structure. And finally, I treated the seats with Scotch Guard.

I am very happy about how the chairs turned out, and they are the perfect listing for the launch of the “Rosie Jetson” Atomic Collection by Atomic Hostess. (smile!)

I think these chairs are perfect for the launch of the "Rosie Jetson" Atomic Collection.

I think these chairs are perfect for the launch of the “Rosie Jetson” Atomic Collection.


Mid Century Modern Atomic Dining Room Chairs - Atomic Ccollection

Mid Century Modern Atomic Dining Room Chairs – Atomic Collection


MCM Dining Room Chairs

MCM Dining Room Chairs Atomic Details

xxoo Kris

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