how I (almost) handled a vintage shopping hiatus

It’s already been a month since I quit my job and went full time with Atomic Hostess; it was a scary decision, mainly because I suck at change. After I gave my notice and tjroughout the last month, I have had the pleasure of discarding all that stress I was carrying around. I feel like the happy person I remember (woohoo!). Before quitting my full time gig, the time spent on my side gig, Atomic Hostess was pretty slim, but somehow we still found the time to purchase a garage full of vintage treasures. We are overloaded with product, projects, listings, and blog posts waiting for attention. In order to catch up I put a self imposed “time out” on vintage shopping. This meant no visits to our favorite thrift stores, and no estate sales. I’m not that person that can just go in and look. If I wander in and see that perfect piece of furniture with a teeny tiny price on the tag, AND marked half off, it would have to come home with me. ’nuff said! Since just looking (in store) is not an option, I had to stay away. I did pretty good. I lasted a week and a half of the two week shopping hiatus. To be honest, I could probably take a two month hiatus and still have a LOT of furniture rehab projects and listings left on the to do list.

Just because I wasn’t going in to shop my favorite brick and mortar stores, does not mean that I deprived myself from looking at fabulous vintage furniture, decor, and design. I found myself cruising, more than normal, some of my favorite online vintage sources. It does (not) help that I receive taunting emails daily. 

Some of my favorite online sites…

Chairish is a site that features many different sellers. Sellers list vintage and newer furniture, and decor. I get lost looking through all the listings available for sale, and the content in the blog posts. I’ve been wanting to try them out and list some furniture; since I was doing this post, and I have been working to catch up, I think now is perfect (Atomic Hostess shop page). If you’re a seller, the listing process is very easy. Once your listing is complete, it goes up for review and once it’s approved it goes up on the site. The review part makes me nervous, it shouldn’t, but it does. Chairish provides a couple services that does makes selling process a little easier. First, you don’t have to search Google for what seems like a lifetime to find pricing. They provide price comparisons of similar items sold and currently available on the site. Chairish also offers an option to ship the item for you once it has sold; for those that sell larger furniture pieces on a regular basis know this is a huge plus.

Chairish blog - lots of inspiration. Chairish, where design lovers buy & sell

Chairish blog – lots of inspiration. Chairish, where design lovers buy & sell

Remember these Danish Modern Holman chairs? May be my first listing on Chairish; they are pending approval.

Pair of Holman Danish Modern Dining Room Chairs_Side View

Pair of Holman Danish Modern Dining Room Chairs_Side View

One Kings Lane – This is another site that is a time sucker for me! So much furniture and decor eye candy. The site features the product within collections, both new and vintage. You can look and shop for items by room, by style, by collection, by brand. The vintage product does not typically include details about the product such as maker, collection name, or designer. I do have a theory on why they don’t list out that detail. Great source for eye candy & inspiration; their vintage items are  priced ($) up there.

Collection Weekly – I found this site a few years ago. No clue how I stumbled across it, but I love all of the great articles. In addition to the articles as a resource, you can participate in “show & tell” and receive Collection Weekly emails.  The emails for the antique / vintage is listed out by categories, and you sign up for those vintage categories you are interested in. CW does all the work by sending a weekly email with a link which  you can view “the best of” E-bay auctions for your categories.

These two are close to home and can be tempting and a very good resource – and You can jump on the site, or you can sign up for weekly, even daily emails informing you of the local estate sales going on, and coming up. This is where it gets tempting, most of the estate sales listed will feature pictures of the items that will be for sale. If you’re on a vintage shopping time out, don’t look!

Enjoy! xxoo Kris

Vintage Barware - summer retro cocktail party

Vintage Barware – summer retro cocktail party

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