5+ make it yourself & thrift store projects for your patio

Make it Yourself 5 Patio Projects

In my previous post, I gave my ideas for creating a comfy patio from scratch, I hit on the basics needed. Now the fun begins; layer in the color, the fabric, the texture, the cuteness. Five plus quick and simple patio decor projects. If you are an estate sale / thrift store junky you know you can find many of the items for the make it yourself patio ideas. They are inexpensive, a lot of the pieces look almost new, and are from mid to high end stores. Some of the ideas involve sewing. If you don’t sew, you just might have a friend you can bribe with a smile and a pitcher of Margaritas. Just be sure the second Margie isn’t served until after the sewing is done!

1 Make it Yourself Patio Projects_small v2

sun block drapes – Sun block drapes are simple and they actually work. All you need is a wood dowel, silver or gold spray paint to paint the dowel with, hooks, and drapes or fabric. I used some canvas drapes we picked up at Ikea. Simple. I used two painted dowels and four hooks; this one took about 30 minutes to hang, and most of that time was waiting / making sure the paint was dry.

Make it Yourself Patio - Sun Block Drapes

Make it Yourself Patio - Sun Block Drapes


patio sun drapes and strung twinkle lights look amazing at night.

patio sun drapes and strung twinkle lights look amazing at night.

patio umbrella – If you’re crunched for space, or if you’d like to move your umbrella around there is a great solution. Flower pot, a little cement, pvc pipe, potting soil: drill multiple holes in the pvc pipe and stabilize it into the center of the flower pot. Fill the flower pot half way with the cement. Once the cement is dry, throw in your potting soil, geraniums and succulents. Oh, I forgot…..purchase a flower pot stand on wheels, then you are able to move it around.

painted flower pots – estate sales are great for finding inexpensive flower pots. If they are the right size, but not the right color, spray paint them. I didn’t use primer, but if 5 Make it Yourself Patio_Painted Flower Potsyou a5_Painted Flower Potsre spraying the containers solid you may want to use primer.

pillows – If you’re not a sewer, this is where the bribing of a friend comes in. Use lots of colorful fluffy pillows for your new patio. Throw pillows, poofs, large round or square seat pillows.

throw blankets – If it turns into a movie night on the patio, throw a few fuzzy blankets over the back of your patio chairs.

large serving trays – these should probably go on the list of basic needs. You can freshen them up with a coat of paint or a spray can of paint. They are perfect for carrying things in and out.

4 Make it Yourself Patio_Trays

lazy susan – I use a gold spray painted lazy susan on my desk, these obviously belong on a dinner table (or kitchen cupboard), but I like the way it looks. I run across these in the thrift store on a regular basis. Pick one up, spray it, and use it on your patio. Conventional use, or use as an anchor piece for the center of your table.

citronella candles – This probably goes on the list of basics too. Do citronella candles keep the bugs away? If not, bug spray may be needed. The other critters that need to go away are the spiders. We have black widows, which freak me out! We read that 15 to 20 drops of peppermint essential oil in a spray bottle filled with water keeps the spiders away. It’s worth a try.

ottoman slip cover – This is another sewing project. It took me longer to pick out fabric than it did to sew. This is two pieces. Measure the top of the foot stool and divide by two. Fold a piece of paper in half then half again. Use the pen on a string trick – the string will be have the length of the width of the top of the ottoman. Measure the height of the ottoman. Cut both pieces out. Right sides together sew the ottoman side as shown. Pin the top on to the sides while on the ottoman. Makes it easier and the fit better.

Make it Yourself Patio_Ottoman Slip Cover

Thrift Store Check List – Stop by in a couple days for the next post on Patio Entertaining and a check list you can use when you go thrifting.
Make it Yourself Patio with thrifted itemsMake it Yourself Patio_Thrift Store Makeover

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