sorry mac it’s not you it’s me – atomic hostess apocalypse survival kit

This year for my birthday my awesomely sweet husband took me out on an adventure to the Apple Store. I don’t know when it happened, but sometime in the last 5 years I stopped trying to keep up with technology. I wiped my knowledge of what the new up and coming products, computer specs, and what is needed to go out there and actually purchase a computer. So, when we hit the Apple Store I had questions, lots of questions (I’m starting to sound a little like Jerry). I was a little embarrassed when the sales person caught me looking for the CPU, “where is it?”. It’s all inside the monitor, they did away with the huge bulky CPU brains. Holy cr@p that’s awesome, especially for someone like me that has to clear a path through vintage furniture and china just to get to my office desk.

Learning to use a Mac is like trying to play hopscotch on the moon.

We walked out of the store, I had a giant smile and a box of bits a.k.a. monitor, a very tiny keyboard, and an electronic mouse pad like thingy that replaces the mouse. Yes, it sat in the box for about a week before I opened it. Much better than the embroidery machine I got for Christmas last year and still haven’t used, ugh. I waited until I was all alone so I could test out Mac. I’ve always had PC’s. Mac is like trying to play hopscotch on the moon. It’s so awkward. I hate that right now as I type away on my PC laptop I keep hitting delete when really I just want to back space. And when I do hit delete I go very slow because I’m not sure which way the cursor will go anymore.

I have had two computers since bringing Mac home. A couple weeks ago my (old) laptop froze, in a panic I tried to reboot. That was a mistake! It hasn’t started up since; it was official it was now just Mac and I! Trying to do the simplest task that would take just a couple minutes on a PC laptop turned into a two hour training session on Mac. So I could be somewhat efficient Jerry took me out and bought me yet another computer. This time a PC laptop. Ah ha, I could print out and ship Etsy orders again in minutes instead of hours. Success. And then…I was starting to feel jinxed, my new laptop would not open anything; the hamster was on the wheel and going no where. Apparently Windows 10 is a memory hog and the laptop was not equipped to run it, all the updates, open files was the tipping point. Once again it was just Mac and I while the new laptop went to the shop.

I do have a point to all of this, sort of a point, I swear. I got my computer back this week and once again I feel whole. We started joking this morning about what I would grab to go if we were on the verge of an apocalypse. Sorry Mac, please don’t take it personal. My apocalypse survival kit is for general use and hunting vintage in the wild. Yes, I would be hunting vintage housewares & decor. There just might be something great at the thrift store as we travel wherever you go while fleeing an apocalypse. Sorry if you were expecting some monumentally great a-ha moment.

My point is, in order to feel at ease, or like “me” I need a few of my favorite things: Atomic Hostess apocalypse survival kit – not in order of importance, except #1:

  • Jerry & our fur babies – this is a given!
  • PC laptop – sorry Mac, it’s not you, it’s me
  • Bobby Pins & Hair Ties
  • A flask, be serious –  Cooler of my favorite beverage (Kettle & 7 or whatever). Leave the cart, I’ll just take the bar. It’s my apocalypse so we are taking a truck
  • Pearls, lots of them
  • Staple Gun
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Magazines – I hope there’s a Barnes & Noble along the way so I can refresh my batch of mags
  • Cathrineholm enamelware bowl – at least one from collection, maybe 5
  • Big Louie V. to toss in a few tools, lil Louie V. and other miscellaneous things I grab along the way.
  • hmmm, feels like I’m forgetting something.

Yes, at one point I used my big Louie bag as a bit of a tool bag, and I thought Jerry would have a heart attack. The tools I use aren’t greasy though so why not?!

What are some of your favorite things that will go in your apocalypse survival kit?

Atomic Hostess p.s. the above list is all in fun, and not meant to make me sound like a brat. It’s all in fun.

Just a reminder, I’m the girl that would rather go to the Salvation Army than any other store out there. AND after a trip to Nordstrom, I have to stop at a thrift store on the way home just to shake off that mall vibe.




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