living fall vicariously through social media

In Southern California we vicariously live fall through social media. Everything pumpkin is released at the same time across the country, but it’s hard to think pumpkin when it’s 80*. Pumpkin lattes are released, just not the same iced. Gourds and pumpkins go on sale at the grocery store, they quickly mold. Sweaters arrive in my Stitch Fix box, but it’s too hot to even try new clothes on.

Jerry and I like to “pretend” fall by going for an early morning drive in the jeep with the top off. This about the only time that I get to put on my favorite scarf, Uggs, hoodie or sweater that have all been stashed away for the last 6 months. The early morning air is crisp, cool and a little misty. The joke about Southern California is true: we have two seasons, summer & almost summer.

Apparently somewhere in the 15 years since moving away from rainy Seattle I have forgotten how to put a sweater on. I recently recieved my Stitch Fix box and I tried it on when it cooled down. I packed up the items I planned to return. At the end of the day I was straightening up and saw the note from the stylist Arianna (I secretly hope it really is just one person that actually takes an interest). After I finally slowed down to read the note, Arianna points out that the sweater is a personal favorite of hers and she loves the detailing on the back of the sweater. The back? I had to laugh! Apparently I’m so out of sweater practice that I had put the sweater on backwards. No wonder it just felt odd. Kinda like fall in Southern California.

Mix and match vintage table setting in fall like colors. Green and amber goblets with green depression glass.

Atomic Hostess

4 thoughts on “living fall vicariously through social media

    • Atomic Hostess says:

      Hi Mar, I tried the sweater on backwards, did not even think to turn it around. It just felt awkward and it was fricken hot. I had already sent it back when I finally read her note. OMG, it was funny. xx


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