shopping inside the box


I have to admit, it has been a very long time since I’ve been to a mall; to actually walk through the cooridor, and pass by windows. The few times that I did go to the mall, I went directly into the one anchor store I needed to shop, got it over with quickly, and immediately out the same door to exit the store and went directly to my car. Did I say quickly?

A couple weeks ago my friend Rustico was at a work conference; in the middle of the meeting his phone decided it was time to keel over and die. I received the desperate cry for help and a big favor request. I didn’t realize it when I agreed, not that it would have changed my mind, the favor required a trip to South Coast Mall (aka as Jerry and Shay call it, the mall of hate). Luckily I only had to go to the offshoot, much smaller area of the mall on the Crystal Court side. To my surprise, I actually enjoyed window shopping my way to the Apple Store.

I behaved like an absolute tourist at the mall, I whipped out my phone and started taking pictures. Yep! At least with a small cell phone camera I was able shop my way past the windows and snap photos on the sly. Will I change my shopping habits and choose the mall over a thrift store or estate sale? H – E – double L; no, I will not! I plan to keep shopping outside the big box, frequent my favorite boutiques, Etsy shops, and thrift stores. And Amazon, I cannot forget my love for Amazon, which in all actuality includes a large pool of small business owners.

I love that copper is still a relevant color out there in the big box world. I keep incorporating bits of the color here & there in our home, and I continue to stumble across copper cookware and trays at the thrift stores. The copper Kitchenaid mixer below is to die for! Be warned though, if you see this on a gift wish list there are several different shades available; you don’t want to mix up Antique Copper with Copper Pearl or Satin. And the Le Crueset…you can never go wrong!

window shopping fall le crueset orange

William Sonoma’s window at South Coast Plaza’s Crystal Court – Le Crueset galore


window shopping fall copper kitchenaid

West Elm Window at South Coast Plaza’s Crystal Court – I’m happy copper is still relevant in big box shopping

Atomic Hostess

4 thoughts on “shopping inside the box

  1. Marilyn says:

    I don’t have a theme color in my kitchen. I’ve often wondered what color le crueset I would get. The oranges and copper might be it!


    • Atomic Hostess says:

      Hi Mar, that’s funny because I was going to ask about that. I think the orange colors are great and go with any season, but since you live on the lake, the “Carribean” would look amazing. You need to send me pictures of all your rooms. I think about sending you goodie bags, but I’m not sure if what I send will go. xxoo MISS YOU!


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