four elements to upgrade your table setting

Four things that will upgrade your table setting-and on a dime if you like

It seems to be rare for me to want to cook lately; actually, I think it’s a life long avoidance. With an addiction to vintage kitchenware, you would think that cooking might be near the top of whatever list cooking goes on. Nope. I do enjoy good food, I do love a beautiful table setting. Is it wrong to bring takeout home and serve it up on China? Absolutely NOT.

I went home to Seattle recently to soak up some rain and cool weather. It always helps me get in the spirit of fall, winter, and the holidays. Now I can actually say I’m ready for the holidays and I have even started shopping a bit.

Maybe you’ve never had interest in hosting in the past, or maybe this is the first opportunity since you started “adulting” (does anyone else hate that word?). Are you interested in hosting a cocktail party, a dinner party, or maybe a wine tasting party? Here are some quick ways to make your party magazine or Pinterest worthy.

Oh, and as you know I’m a bit of a vintage thrifting estate sale addict; all of these items can be acquired for less than a bottle of Kettle One!

Linen table cloths and napkins are a nice add on when setting the table.

Linen table cloths and napkins are a nice add on when setting the table.

Vintage Linens: Table cloth and linen napkins. If you’ve read a few of my blogs you may know that I am a fan of linens. Over the summer we went to an estate sale that had loads of brand new linen napkins. I loaded up! Since then we are using linen napkins instead of paper towels. I don’t use the linens to be eco friendly, although maybe I should fib and say I do; I use linen napkins because 1. I like the feel of linen, and 2. because they’re cute of course. I don’t think I need to explain the use of vintage table cloths, that just falls under point number 2.

Four things that will upgrade your table setting-and on a dime if you like: glassware linens china flowersA rainbow of glassware and goblets: Drinking glasses can make a big impact on how a table setting looks. If it’s a cocktail party you’re choosing to host, then great vintage glassware can make the event. If it’s a dinner party, and you have relatively plain tonal dishware, go for the bright and bold drinking glasses. If you don’t want to spend a lot of new glassware, hit up your thrift store. We have one that AlwAYs has loads of colorful drinking glasses, and they are usually $1.00 or less per glass.

Four things that will upgrade your table setting-and on a dime if you like: china flowers linens glasswareChina & Fancy Dishware: Don’t save your beautiful china and dinnerware for special occasions! Break that stuff out and use it. Use it every day if you want. What exactly is the point in saving it? Who wants to be on their death bed knowing that the gorgeous China pattern they love so much and only used twice in their lifetime, was being packed up and headed off to the donation bin before the plug is pulled. Morbid yes, but sadly this happens a lot! I witness the stacks of dishware at the thrift stores. Use it as much as possible and if it breaks, who cares?!

Four things that will upgrade your table setting-and on a dime if you like: flowers china linens glasswareFlowers make everything look good. I took a couple floral arranging classes a long long time ago, but honestly classes are not necessary. You know what looks good and what doesn’t. There are two stores we are in almost weekly, they both have great flowers. Home Depot, smartest marketing move ever, this store has very nice roses and lots of them. I think they cost around $10  for a giant bunch of roses. Then there’s Trade Joe’s; they have a large variety of flowers that mix in perfect with roses.

Right now I wish I was brave enough to do a video, but I’ll try to describe this. Okay, you buy or receive a bouquet of flowers from the store. We’ve all seen the horrible mistake that some make. They take the cellophane off and just plop the flowers in a vase. Eeeeek! They are all the same height, no variance or depth, sticking way above the top of the vase. Quite honestly this is a waste.

This is not the peanut butter sandwich detailed instructions, but I hope this helps to visualize and do on your own.

  1. Select one of your beautiful vintage pottery vases you want to use and remove the cellophane from the flowers
  2. Hold the bunch of flowers in one hand, and with the other hand take a small groups of 3 or 4 flowers, separate out from the bunch. Put the separated stems back with the entire bunch, but in a lower position (lower position meaning half way down or at the bottom of the blooms in the large bunch). Spin the flower bunch about a quarter (3 o’clock). Do this around the entire bunch of flowers  (12, 3, 6, 9 o’clock). That’s it, you should have something that looks more like a bouquet.
  3. Now hold your flowers next to the vase to figure out how much stem needs to cut off. I usually cut enough off the stem so the lowest flower in the bouquet is at the rim of the vase. Cut your stems at an angle, and put them in your vase. You may have to adjust, fluff, and cut a few additional stems.

Your table looks beautiful! Unwrap those burgers from In and Out, place them on your beautiful china, and hide the evidence. No paper allowed.

If you want to learn how to acquire nice dinnerware party goods for less than the cost of a bottle of Kettle One, go take a look at my post with thrifting and estate sale tips.


Atomic Hostess

4 thoughts on “four elements to upgrade your table setting

    • Atomic Hostess says:

      Yeah, they smell musty and almost always have a few stains. I found a “recipe” on Pinterest for removing stains from whites.

      In a 5 gal bucket I put in half a box of baking soda, about a quarter to half bottle of hydrogen peroxide & a couple squirts of blue Dawn and fill with warm water. I leave the bucket in the tub…it gets heavy. Usually only needed on whites; soak 12-24 hours. Just keep an eye on stains. After the soak I wash mine in my front load washer on delicate. I put mine most of mine in the dryer, but if its extra delicate maybe roll in a white towel. If your item is a hand made crocheted table cloth, the above is null and void. I am unsure.

      I will find the cleaning “recipe” and post for you!


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