black pyrex snowflake casserole dish found in-the-wild!


I found one! Okay, it was all about the timing; I picked up a Black Pyrex Snowflake dish In THE Wild!

I found one! Okay, it was all about the timing; I picked up a Black Pyrex Snowflake dish In THE Wild!

It’s really beginning to feel like the holiday season. The Atomic Hostess shops are already getting a holiday bump, and last Friday the line at the post office was out the door. The line filled with all those other small business owners wearing big smiles on their face, there to ship those customer orders all across the globe. It warms my heart really; a little because I print my shipping labels at home, but because I do enjoy seeing small businesses thrive.

It has made me realize and consider how many creatives are out there running their dream “side hustle” (a term my favorite girl bosses used in their podcast “Being Boss” – you should check them out). Even Amazon is a ginormous compilation of small business owners all under one umbrella.

Jerry and I were on our way home from Hemet, CA; we picked up the new siding for our lil vintage trailer. Jerry suggested we make a quick stop at “our” Salvation Army store. After deliberating for a full 5 seconds, “I’m in!”. Then something really quite amazing happened.

We went in and did our usual divide and conquer routine. One of the girls working there, I’ll call her “Y” until I get her okay to use her in my post, she ran over to me with a giant smile. She said hello, then turns and runs off saying something I can’t for the life of me understand. I think I’m getting that old age hearing thing. Ugh!

The Most Perfect Black Snowflake Pyrex

Then it happened! “Y” walked toward me with the most perfect Pyrex Snowflake black casserole dish in her hands. The sky opened up, the lights were shining down, and I heard angels singing. The real scenerio was more like, the flourecent lights were too bright and there was a broken jewelry box in the background playing a too slow melody with a broken ballerina spinning in circles. “I think you’ll like this” is all I heard her say. There was more, but I was so excited about what she was handing me all I heard was the teacher from “Peanuts”, waa-wa-wa-waaa-wa.

Pyrex Snowflake Black Casserole Dish Found in the Wild!

“Y” held it out for me, a Pyrex Snowflake black casserole dish. I think my knees buckled and I swear I was about to pass out. The perfect small casserole dish with a beautiful matte black color with beautiful mid century atomic snowflakes; it looked brand new, not one-single-scratch. “Y” handed it to me, I wrapped my arms around it tightly and I gave her a big hug. We find some pretty amazing things, but finally, we found one of those coveted vintage items In-The-Wild!

p.s. I’m still counting it our find even though “Y” is the one that handed it to me. And for the record, Salvation Army employees are not allowed to put items on hold for customers, which she did not. It was on the shelf and our impromptu stop was perfectly timed!

vintage Pyrex snowflake casserole dishes are perfect for holiday decor and entertaining


Atomic Hostess - vintage barware, decor and housewares




2 thoughts on “black pyrex snowflake casserole dish found in-the-wild!

  1. xoxo Darya says:

    What a gorgeous piece of MCM-living. That exact moment in time where form did not follow function; it just got to BE beautiful and sleek and all like it was going a thousand mikes per hour!

    You are living right, my friend!

    xoxo Darya


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