twelve days of christmas: a gift guide of pearl’s picks five – nine

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Pearl picks all of her favorite products and shares for Christmas gift giving ideas.

Pearl’s Picks gift guide version of The Twelve Days of Christmas is a few days behind. We all squeeze too much in too short of a time period, at least I do. I’m giving myself the out; if I don’t make a new bow for the wreath, or make all new matching stockings, or the million other things on my to do list before Christmas day, I am not going to worry about it. I’m just gonna to use my pink highlighter and cross it all out. I’m going to enjoy the now, which actually just put a big smile on my face.

I love love love these next few picks.The Twelve Days of Christmas - Pearl picks all of her favorite products and shares for Christmas gift giving ideas. Notebooks, Pencil Cases, Gel Pens and more.Notebooks

Notebooks are a perfect stocking stuffers! A girl can never have too many notebooks. I enjoy opening up a brand new notebook or journal that has sparkly clean pages and cute cover graphics. I whip out one of the umpteen pink gel pens, and start jotting down random thoughts. The jotting things down part helps clear my mind so I don’t keep stressing  about forgetting, and then forgetting and stressing. Along with my regular notebooks, I also have a couple mini notebooks that I try to keep in my purse. The small ones are great for random things I just might happen to need while I’m out and about: window measurements, dimensions of pillow cases, specific things I’m looking for at the next great estate sale, blah blah blah. I just need to remember to keep the damn notebook in my purse.

Pencil Cases

Some of my favorites little accessory doo-dad holders are my Betsey Johnson pencil case, which doubles as a jewelry bag while traveling. I also seem to like just about anything Kate Spade lately.

Bullet Journal

Okay, this isn’t necessarily a gift for someone else. This one is a gift for you if you plan to get organized in 2017. Have you all heard of Bullet Journaling? This is Pearl’s Picks No. 6: bullet journaling. I only know very little bit about the big picture, and I use just a few of the concept and don’t go crazy with it. The Lazy Genius Collective has a great post covering the basics. I’ve read, or actually I should say tried to read, a couple other blogs and watched a YouTube video. I was completely overwhelmed by the others, and quickly jumped back over to The Lazy Genius Collective’s take on the idea.

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Pearl picks all of her favorite products and shares for Christmas gift giving ideas. Gel Pens and Notebooks.Gel Pens

Gel Pens…. I leave them everywhere, they leak, and they leave stain. The worst part of all, because I’m a lefty I smudge the ink as I’m writing. But damn they make eveything cute.

 Magazine Subscriptions

Magazines. They are my obsession and a very nice gift. They virtually have a magazine for everything. My favorite magazines are published by Stampington & Company’s Somerset Studio; they are all focused on arts, and creative inspiration. They cover every subject I love and or admire: Sew Somerset, Somerset Apprentice, Somerset Digital Stuido, Somerset Home, Where Women Create & Where Women Create Business (both favorites), Artful Blogging, Mingle. There list goes on if you’re interested check out the link.

More magazine subscription gift ideas: Romantic Home, Romantic Country, then there are all the flea market associated mags like Flea Market Style, Flea Market Decor. More ideas for the artist you know and love, Daphne’s Diary, or Flow. There are still more: Atomic Ranch, Domino (of course), Coastal Living, Cottages & Bungalow, Ideal Home. There’s more in my pile, but I’d prefer to hit publish soon. Happy Shopping!

Click to see all of Pearl’s Picks for The Twelve Days of Christmas shopping guide.

Atomic Hostess - vintage barware, decor and housewares

The “blurb”. I am not affiliated with any of the products selected in Pearl’s Picks. They truly are just favorites being shared with no strings attached.


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