cocktail time: 4th of july brandy punch & serving it in vintage style

Cocktail Time - Brandy Punch vintage cocktail recipe serves 20, or 15 if you know some of my friends.

Summer BBQ’s, pool parties, or outdoor movie night calls for a signature cocktail and fabulous vintage retro barware. Brandy Punch anyone? The recipe is below and  is for approximately 20 servings, onlyif you bypass the red solo cups.


juice from 7 lemons   *   juice of 2 oranges   *  1 1/4 cups powdered sugar   *  1/4 pint Curacao  *  1/2 jigger of Grenadine   *  1 quart Brandy  

Put all in a large dispenser of your choice over a block of ice and add 1 quart of club soda

cocktail time: brandy punch recipe serves up to 20

cocktail time: brandy punch recipe serves up to 20

For serving cocktails to 7+ people, pitchers don’t quite work. The pitcher and surrounding area turns into a sticky mess. Your favorite retail shops have some pretty cute drink dispensers out there, but if it doesn’t fit your style, don’t force it!

Cocktail Time_Brandy Punch. Serve your signature cocktail in signature vintage style. Take another look t those vintage coffee makers / service pieces!

Do you shop estate sales and thrift stores for high end classic pieces? First off, if you don’t, what are you waiting for? Get your booty out there; there are treasures to be found! If you do have a few regular thrift store or flea markets stops, you most likely have seen these large coffee maker and serving pieces. They come in many styles and materials. My point, before me ADD kicks in, have you ever considered using one of these vintage beauties at a dinner party or BBQ to serve your signature cocktail? I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

retro cocktail time collections currently available in the Atomic Hostess shop

Cocktail Time_Brandy Punch Vintage barware currently available in the Atomic Hostess Etsy Shop

clockwise: set of 4 rocks glasses in chrome carousel // bamboo tiki drink set //  amber and pink glassware (*)  //  set of 4 Culver gilt gold glasses encrusted with faux jewels in bright colors – rare set!
(*) the amber and pink glasses are current reproductions that can be found at World Market.


Atomic Hostess - vintage barware, decor and housewares

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