I haven’t blogged in ages, my Etsy shop was closed for a couple months, but under no circumstances does that mean that we haven’t been stopping into our favorite junk stores on a regular basis. Estate Sales & Thrifting brings me serenity. Thrfting brings inner peace & serenity to my state of mind.

When we find that most special mid-century piece, or atomic vintage furniture that is in desperate need of rehab, my ninja-esque skills break into action and I swoop in for the score. Don’t let the smile fool you!

One of my favorite movies is Eat, Pray, Love. The book I didn’t like so much, and couldn’t get through it. The movie though, it has so many great lines and insights. One of my very favorite lines from the movie is while Liz is in Italy, learning the art of doing nothing, and eating her way to a muffin top. “Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation“. This line puts a great spin on tbose rough patches we all go through. This is what the last year and a half has been for me. Transformation.

Now I’m ready to redirect my focus on transforming the beautiful quality vintage furniture that have all gracefully aged to perfection in the cellar.

Three things I now refuse to pay retail prices for:

picture frames (all sizes), lamp shades and probably lamps too, and finally cashmere scarve. That’s my list today, which is subject to change without a moments notice.

Gallery wall using estate sale & thrift store picture frames

Thrift store purchases - frames to make gallery wall



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