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One Eccentric Woman Surrounded by Dishes!

Allen wrench not required! In pursuit to share, or reintroduce the quality craftsmanship of products & furniture of previous generations. Beautiful quality furniture is available at any price point level. AND mid-century modern furniture that does not require assembly with an Allen wrench.

The gist…An army of one eccentric woman surrounded by dishes! Estate sales & thrift store shopper sharing some behind the scene updates of our latest vintage finds.

If you love the look and the idea of adding some vintage, but you really don’t have the time, or just aren’t into all that DIY and hunting for treasures, pop over to the shop(s) and check out what’s new.


I finally realized why Jerry always wants to take the jeep when we go out looking for new old furniture. Duh!create your space

Sharing ideas to help you in create a space that feels like home. I’m hoping to inspire you whether you’re starting from scratch, in need of ideas, or just looking for diy tips. Vintage estate sale and thrift store finds will help to create a space that is yours to enjoy, and to let down in. A space that makes you smile inside & out. A space containing your beautiful collections and finely refurbished furniture. Just say no to the ticky tacky and that damn Allen wrench!

entertainingI did complete the dining room slip cover, but I definitely had more fun setting the table to take pictures. Pink vintage glassware.

Is it so horrible to be drowning in Limoges china? I think not! I will share the best in vintage barware, serving pieces, decor, and cocktail fusions. Put on every strand of pearls you own in honor of happy hour at home with a small group of friends, or strap on your toe pinching high heels and be the hostess of the gala event for your friends and your friends friends.


antique therapy

I caught the antiquing bug from my sweet Mama; back then I had no other option but to hit the estate & tag sales with her. Fast forward a lot of years (and a few more), a move from Washington to California, and a whole lot of changes; I found myself living in a (very) very small apartment and still in love with antiquing, the hunt, and just about all things vintage. My apartment was full and out of space. Because antiquing is my “therapy” I have no intention to quit. Finally, it occurred to me that I can have best of both worlds by selling my vintage finds online and keep on buying!

As we practice our antiquing skills as we continue to search for the next great find. We have inventory, lots of it! If you dont see your wish list item posted in our shops, that doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t have it; drop me a quick email (kris.craig@AtomicHostess.com) with a few details & I’ll get back to you asap.

I have been a maker and a collector from the beginning, and now I’m lucky enough to call this “work”.

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