until I saw something shiny

I was out to conquer the world until I saw something shiny! Such a true statement for me. It all happened by accident; I realized that all my recent junking expeditions, everything was coming up gold. It's perfect for the Christmas holidays. I don't focus enough while on the hunt for this to happen on purpose. Junking … Continue reading until I saw something shiny

everything looks like a bar cart to me lately – butlers tray

About a month ago I spotted what I thought was a luggage rack. I snapped it up to put in my Mom's room - guest bedroom. I finally realized I've never had a luggage rack that tall at a hotel, duh. Thrift stores are my place to zone out, and obviously my brain was turned … Continue reading everything looks like a bar cart to me lately – butlers tray

starry light umbrella

This is one of those projects you conjure up, but don't really think you'll find the time to make it happen; it just ends up as more craft supply stash. Yesterday was a "day" at work, I needed a mindless project to keep my hands busy, my mind empty, and this was perfect! Back in April … Continue reading starry light umbrella

Outdoor Patio Bar Cart Cooler

he did it again – patio bar cart cooler

After my blog post about the patio bar cart cooler Jerry made for us, he received an email from a friend. It would be the perfect birthday gift for her husband. Yep, finding great gifts gets more and more difficult, because really, no one needs or wants just another shirt or baseball hat. This time around, the hardest part … Continue reading he did it again – patio bar cart cooler

spray on primer: have you used it & what do you think of it?

I recently bought a can of spray on Krylon primer for a small project I was working on; I can't even remember what the project was now. Rather than shoving the pretty much full can of primer in the closet with the rest of my spray paint collection, I tried it out on a piece … Continue reading spray on primer: have you used it & what do you think of it?

US Flag Lap Desk

It was so fun to have a long weekend for the 4th of July holiday; I hope you had a great time celebrating with friends and family. Our neighborhood has a few different 4th of July block parties, which means lots of fireworks. Our vet gave us sedatives for our fur babies, two cats and a … Continue reading US Flag Lap Desk

Union Jack Lap Desk

Oh, how I miss my little blog! The very first time I tried blogging years ago, it felt like homework. The second go at it, I loved it. I loved that putting something out in the blog-sphere made me follow through and do it. For awhile I was tearing through projects. Then I got the … Continue reading Union Jack Lap Desk